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 Fell details:

 Name: Loughrigg Fell
 Area: Central
 Grid ref: NY 347 051
 Height (f): 1,101
 Height (m): 335

Now this is a real fell walking treat if ever there was one, and somewhere that every fellwalker should try to get to know really well. I don't just mean the quick route to the summit from Loughrigg Terrace, I'm talking about the whole place; everything you find between Loughrigg Terrace, Loughrigg Tarn, Lilly Tarn and Lanty Scar. Getting to the summit is all very well, but it's the rest of the area that holds the attraction here. You have pools and tarns dotted about the place, rocky outcrops, hidden corners and countless hollows and humps, all of which are just waiting to be explored.

I can't think of any other fell that you can access from as many different places as Loughrigg Fell, and once you up here, there are more paths and routes than you can shake a stick at. This is a place to explore at will, rather then sticking rigidly to a plan you made in the living room at home.

At little more than 1000ft asl you'd be forgiven for keeping a visit to Loughrigg Fell for those less than ideal days when the higher fells are under a blanket of cloud or perhaps when the rain is pouring; as it sometimes does around here. I have to admit I've done that very thing myself on lots of occasions. What I've also done however, and what I'd recommend to everyone else, is to forego a walk on the high fells and come here to explore the place on a day with perfect conditions. It's one thing to walk on a fell when the weather is just 'OK' , but to see it at it's absolute best leaves you with a different opinion altogether.

By the way, it's pronounced "luffrigg".
You can probably tell I really like this one !!