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The main aim of this site has been to build up a comprehensive and practical resource dedicated to walking in the English Lake District. I am passionate about the Lake District and as a regular walker the website has grown around my personal online walking log. This shows you the Lake District at all times of year, in all weather conditions, and although the site may have a bias towards the fells themselves, it is by no means restricted to the higher places. I’m confident that there is something here for everyone, from the hardened fellwalker to the complete novice out for a short stroll.

Hopefully it does what it says on the tin, and the website is indeed “Delivering the Lake District to your home”

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Recent Walks

19th April 2014

Knott Rigg to Whiteless Pike

8 mile / about 3600 ft ascent

Pictures to follow

Cinderdale Common - Rannerdale - Whiteless Breast - Knott Rigg south ridge - Knott Rigg - Ard Crags - Addacomb Beck - Addacomb Hole - Wandope - Whiteless Edge - Whiteless Pike - High Rannerdale - Cinderdale Common

18th April 2014

A good Good Friday on Blencathra and Mungrisdale Common

6.7 mile / 2100 ft ascent

Blencathra Centre - Blease Fell - Knowe Crags - Gategill Fell - Blencathra - Atkinson Pike - Mungrisdale Common - Glenderterra - Blencathra Centre

16th April 2014

Wray Castle from Hawkshead

7.6 mile / 1200 ft ascent

Hawkshead - Colthouse - Colthouse Plantation - Guide Posts - Belle Grange - Windermere - Red Nab - Wood Close Point - High Wray Bay - Wray Castle - Wray Church - Blelham Tarn - Hole House - High Tock How - Loanthwaite Lane - Scar House Lane - Hawkswead

15th April 2014

Taking Kayleigh up High Rigg on the way back home

6.1 mile / 1200 ft ascent

Castlerigg Stone Circle - Goosewell Fsrm - Naddle Bridge - Tewet Tarn - St John's in the Vale Church - High Rigg - Shaw Bank - Dale Bottom - Nest Brow - Castle Lane - Castlerigg Stone Circle

14th April 2014

An evening walk around Loweswater

3.6 mile / 300 ft ascent

Roadside near Water End - Hudson Place - Holme Wood - Maggie's Bridge - Loweswater Road

13th April 2014

A circuit of Derwent Water

8.9 mile / not much ascent

Portinscale - Nichol End - Hawes End - Brandelhow - Great Bay - Borrowdale Road - Barrow Bay - Stable Hills - Borrowdale Road - Keswick - Portinscale

12th April 2014

Wet, wet, wet from Four Stones Hill to High Raise

13.3 mile / 2800 ft ascent

Burnbanks - Four Stones Hill - Low Kop - High Kop - Wether Hill - Red Crag - High Raise - Low Raise - Castle Crag - Haweswater shore path - Burnbanks

11th April 2014

Lord's Seat and Broom Fell

4.8 mile / 1300 ft ascent

Darling How - Aiken Plantation - Lord's Seat - Broom Fell - South ridge - Aiken Plantation - Darling How

8th April 2014

An after work walk around Ravenglass

3.5 mile / 300 ft ascent

Ravenglass - Walls Castle - Newtown - Newtown Knott - Newtown - Muncaster Castle entrance - A595 - Ravenglass

5th April 2014

Angletarn Pikes, Beda Fell and Ullswater shore from Patterdale

10.5 mile / 2300 ft ascent

Patterdale - Rooking - Boredale Hause - Angletarn Pikes - Heck Crag - Bedafell Knott - Beda Fell - Beda Head - Winter Crag - Doe Green - Sandwick - Ullswater shore path back to Patterdale


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